A Delicious Feast at Friends & Family


The Best Multi-Cuisine Pure Vegetarian Restaurant in Mathura

Friends & Family, our multi-cuisine pure vegetarian restaurant in Mathura is a testimony to the traditions of our owner's family. The family was known to entertain guests from time to time and treat them to a delectable culinary spread. This tradition was passed on to the younger generations and they decided to open the doors of their hospitality for others to enjoy. Thus, Friends & Family was established within the premises of our hotel. Our concept attracts guests from all groups, especially youngsters, who can enjoy their meals in the open dining area with a live kitchen. 

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The ambience of the restaurant, accentuated by the greenery and fresh pollution-free air, is impeccable and perfect to sit back and enjoy your favourite dish. You can also pair your food with different beverages. All these factors make Friends & Family one of the best restaurants in Mathura.

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